My Cup Runneth Over

Cup Runneth Over
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My Cup is overflowing in so many more ways than just one.

I knew this week was going to be stressed and odd for me being pinned in between taping segments for both pbs shows, but I really didn't know how odd that would really be.

I knew I would be all jazzed up from taping the episode on Monday. I always am extra excited whenever I get to spend any time with other crafters. Put some of the most talented crafters in one room, and my mind almost explodes with the creative energy.

I knew I would be pushing it with all the packing for taping Knit and Crochet Today in addition to the stepouts, plus making sure everything at home will be ok with me being gone for a week. So I'm trying to make my creative side chill out (without killing the juices), so I can focus enough to make sure I have little things like my plane tickets and such all printed out.

But that darn creative juice is strong... Plus I have all this great yarn sitting around dying to be turned into something fun. I am (as usual) working on half a dozen projects right now. I have a cardigan that I am adoring every stitch I get to do because the yarn is just so much fun to work with. (It's the brown yarn in the picture) I have some toys that I am creating with lots of color and make me eeek with joy after each round. (That's the colors in the center of the picture) I have a new pullover and tunic percolating in my brain that is dying to be swatched. (Didn't even want to bring that out in fear the hook would take over). In addition to my other projects that I am getting help on crocheting, but have been dancing in my head as well.

While all this joy is dancing around and making me very happy, it's also making me a bit scattered. So the engineer in me is getting pretty annoyed at the hippy in me. Where am I going with this?

(Told you I was scattered)

I will be heading out of town (and hopefully not out of my mind) tomorrow and will be away from my computer for a week. If you need me, I'll get back to you as soon as I can when I get back. Till then, be warned I'm sending some of these creative juices to you guys to use; just be sure to send them back to me in a week or so.


Kim Werker said...

I'm so psyched that you love the yarn!

Robyn said...


I am adoring crocheting with it.