New Magazine: Living Crafts

Do you like crafts? Do you like earth friendly materials? Do you like kids activities?

Then there's a new magazine for you on the block.

"Mother Nature would surely approve of this natural magazine that will attract people who live authentically holistic lifestyles, people who value working and creating with their hands while using natural materials. The magazine will focus on women, family, children, wonderful craft projects and more."

And it does! The premier issue has 15 projects that are definitely all for the family. There is a wide range of crafts in the issue, from knitting to felting to painting to beading and more. There are projects for you, projects for babies, and projects you can do with the kids. I really like the idea of making toys from natural materials, since its so much healthier for everyone. In this issue, there are playmats, play pants, and ornaments that the kids can have fun with. I especially enjoyed the book reviews, gift reviews, and natural crafts directory in the back. I definitely like to do my part to encourage and support handicrafts (especially those that are environmentally friendly too), and its nice to see them listed in one directory.

Some of my favorite projects in the premier issue:
Wool Bead Earrings
What a nice simple gift that you could give to your friends, and at the same time step yourself into wet felting and beading.

Heart Shaped Ornaments

I love this idea, because its so kid friendly. For me, I am always looking for activities to do with my nieces and nephews; b/c there is nothing more enjoyable then getting to gab and craft with them. And anyone can poke some wet batting in a cookie cutter.

But how about we hear from the editor, Pardis Amirshahi, herself? Pardis was nice enough to answer a few of my questions below:
1. What inspired you to create Living Crafts Magazine?
As a crafter who enjoys many different types of handwork, I found myself subscribing to at least half a dozen magazines to be satisfied with the information I needed. As a mother I wanted toys and other natural objects for my child, and with my background in the natural magazines, I felt there was a missing category both in the craft section, and the natural section in the stores. So the idea of Living Crafts was born. Living Crafts is the “natural” niche in the craft magazine category and the “crafts” niche in the natural category. Living Crafts, is not just for women. For example, before the Premier Issue was published, we took the felted playmat to a conference and a father who could not resist making this beautiful playmat was asking if we could give him the instructions in advance! In the next issue, we have a great wooden chair with step-by-step instructions.

2. What kinds of crafts do you see featuring in the magazine?
You can call it “cottage crafts”. The old fashioned crafts that utilize self-sufficiency and sustainability, naturally. They include knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, doll making, felting, spinning, woodwork, etc.

3. Where will the magazine be sold and how many times a year will it be published?
The magazine is already on newsstand at all the 900 Michael’s, Joanne’s superstores, B&N, Borders, and many other book, fabric, and crafts chains across U.S. What makes us even more special is that we are the first natural crafts magazine distributed in Whole Foods, and other natural grocery stores as well. This gives us an edge for advertisers who want to showcase their products to women who embrace a natural lifestyle. We also have a Craft Room on our website, with free patterns. Right now we feature an adorable crocheted crown with many more projects waiting to be uploaded.

4. What are your favorite craft projects, and are there any that your a working on right now?
This is a very good question! One of the many reasons I was inspired to create this magazine is that I’m interested in so many different types of crafts. At the present time, my favorite is needle-felting. It is such a beautiful and forgiving form of handiwork. Right now, I’m making an old-fashioned rose pattern I found on the internet and at this point I think I need some assistance from a friend because I keep making the same mistake over and over again and I loose patience! I’m also knitting a flute case in case Santa agrees to bring my daughter the flute she has asked for.

Thank you so much, Pardis for your wonderful look into your magazine!

And if that isn't enough, they have graciously posted this free crochet birthday crown pattern on their site. So if you are still looking for gifts to create, go check out this magazine it just may inspire you too.

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DANIEL said...

I bought this magazine is incredible craft brings a lot of information on how to do useful things with our hands, I will share with my teammatesof softball players to do in the evenings