Podcast Junkie

I easily admit it. I'm a podcast junkie. I love listening to inspiring upbeat people while I crochet. I have noticed that I crochet so much faster and cleaner when I'm listening to something that really has drawn me in. This morning I have been listening to a couple new ones on the block, that I would encourage you too to check out.

First up, Vickie Howell's CRL

Its great! Would you expect anything less then awesome from Vickie? And she does not disappoint. The music is upbeat and get you charged up. Her first guest was the Crafty Chica, who just exudes craftiness and positivity. Not only are you fired up, but you will just have fallen in love with Kathy.

Next up, check out YarnCraft by Lion Brand. They talk a lot about what inspires them from colors to patterns, and give a look into how the yarn company works.

And lastly, check out Shannon's Knitgrrl show. Its a live call in show where Shannon asks the questions we want to know about from the industry's editors and designers.

So what are you listening to?

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