Why can't every weekend have 3 days?

Wouldn't that be nice.

Just think at how much time we would get back to be with the people we love. I think it would be brilliant. We got to cook out together, clean up the house a bit, and fix our invasion problem; with our extra day. We were day dreaming how nice our house would look and how well adjusted we would be. (Ah well, I'll add it to the list of when I rule the world.)

I am also instituting Cake Break every day. When you get frustrated, just take a cake break. No one can be angry after cake. Or at least I can't.
I had some frustration with a project this weekend, but after my 4 cake breaks I am feeling fine about it. I'm all charged up ready to frog it again, and charge back at it. Sure, it could be the sugar talking, but its workin for me!

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