Thank goodness for coffee and crochet

Thank goodness for coffee and crochet
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My current travel life:

Flight yesterday was delayed 3 hours.
Rescheduled (since I would miss my connection) for 630AM (yes AM-Let's just say, I am not a morning person.)
First flight on time (thank goodness- waking up at 4am was not in vein)
Second flight delayed 2.5 hours. (AHH! But wait, theres starbucks? Ok I can weather this.)

Man who knew a quick flight home to help out my Dad, would literally turn into a 24 hour turn-round (if I am lucky).

Please send me good thoughts I can get out of OHare today!

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS I packed that extra 2 balls of yarn. The heavens were looking out for me there! Do you ever wonder what people do who don't knit or crochet. Layovers must really be awful for them!

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