I went to NY and I'll I got was....

This past weekend Mom and I snuck out to NYC to have a bit of fun. When I was younger, we used to take the bus into the city to see a show (from the half-price ticket booth) and wander around the city a lot.
This time we wandered around the city for hours. It was a blast. I picked up this fantastic crocheting bag. We both picked up uber fashionable sunglasses, and hammed it up on fifth avenue. We ate at a classic diner for brunch which made us feel at home. We wondered in the beauty of all of NY's parks, esp Bryant Park; where I also did so much sketching (b/c it was fashion week- and the park was swimming with models and designers). We saw half of a hysterical show (Avenue Q), like pee in your pants-funny. But that's where our fun ended. I must have caught a bug, and got sick half way through the way. So our second half (the yarn crawl), was cancelled and I caught the earliest flight home. I did pick up the hubbie a gift, since he was getting a mess of a wife to pick up. Luckily for me, he is so easy to please. Now two days later, I'm all better. Only slightly bummed that I missed out on the yarn stores- but in all had a great weekend.
So next time, I will have to go do my yarn crawl first. Thank you to everyone who gave me some great places to go check out. Here is a google map if you are traveling to NY anytime soon, and need some yarn stores to visit. Hope you all had a great weekend!


KMac said...

HI Robyn! I love your stuff, you are a great designer. We are using the Interweave cover sweater for our inter. crochet classes this fall and I am almost finished with the store sample! What a great project, I have to make one for myself (or I might have sneakily made the store sample in my size Shhh!) When I turned over my copy of Interweave, I saw that I tank I designed for Tahki was on the back!!! I feel so thrilled to be on the back, having the cover sweater must be unbelievable!!! I can't wait for the book!

Robyn said...

That's awesome, Kimberley!

I'd love to see pictures of your store sample. That's awesome that your design is on the back cover- I'd be thrilled too!


KMac said...

I will send some over when it is finished.