You're Invited!

Come party and learn with me!
For what you may ask?
For the most rockin book launch party ever!

So you probably already heard about Kim's CrochetMe book launch going on at Webs, and maybe you were like me super bummed that you didn't live closer to them. Well the super great people at Interweave decided to bring the party to us!

What? you may be saying.. Details, details, details, you may be crying. Well then here's the scoop, direct from me, Shannon, and Interweave:

Calling All Crocheters!
Join us for the Crochet Me American Nationwide Book Launch Party and meet contributor Robyn Chachula
1 Day: 5 Cities – (that's right, 5 cities, MD, MA, MI, WA, and here in OHIO!)

When: Sunday, October 14, 2 pm for party; class from 12-2pm (that's right I am teaching! see the detail below)

Where: Stitch Cleveland, 1387 Sloane Avenue, Lakewood, OH 44107, (216) 220-4808
(Oh yeah, I scored huge on my location!- I got Shannon to agree to have her shop bombarded my us crocheters! Since I am driving in from Cincinnati, I'd love it if we could have people from Erie, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Toledo, and anywhere else that's drivable to come and party with me!)

For: Crochet Me: Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution, edited by Kim Werker (you can see all my contributions on the blog today)

Why: Because you are a crocheter. Because you know deep down in your marrow that it’s time to represent the craft. Because you want to toast local Ohioan Robyn Chachula, a contributor to the book, and get your exclusive debut copy signed in person. Because you have been dying to visit Shannon's shop, and some free cake is helping make the decision really easy. Because Robyn will be partying down, since her book; which was totally inspired from and helped get from this book; will be off at the publishers the day before, so she will be soaring! And really, because you want to be a part of the crochet revolution! (And really, who doesn't want to join the revolution? You can also join the crochetalong. )

Class info: Beyond the Afghan

When: Same day, 12-2pm

What will you learn?
Learn how to transform granny squares into lace for sweaters and more!

Hour one: Learn to read crochet symbols and make them your new best friend. Also, practice different fun lacy granny squares.
Hour two: Learn how to join your lacy squares together with crocheting. That's right, no sewing required! Learn how to read layout diagrams and how to combine squares into sweaters, vests, boleros, and on and on until your hands are sore.
Take away: Packet of how to read crochet symbols, 2 granny square diagrams, crochet joinings, and a pattern for the Crystal Lace Bolero.
What should you bring?
- Some basic yarn. Nothing fancy, something that show stitches well.
- Your favorite hook that works with that yarn.
- And your smiling face!
So please, please come visit Shannon and I in Cleveland!
We'll have cake!
And I'll have crochet diagrams.
And it is going to be so much fun!

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Ginny said...

5 parties are better than 1! I was hoping you'd be at WEBS, but I'm glad you get to celebrate the revolution somewhere!