Vacations like these....

Vacations like these only make you wish they were 3 weeks longer. Especially when you come home to deal with:
1. Bugs in the house- YUCK.
2. Water flooding the basement- Double Yuck.
3. Broken car - Grr
4. Sick puppy- poor baby.
5. Hurt hubbie- esp sucky since he leaves on a work trip tomorrow super early- so tonight we'll be in the ER- fun.
6. Grass that has turned your lawn into a jungle, yet the deer still have found a way to eat all your pretty roses. - grr-grr-grr
7. Work that was supposed to be worked on while you were gone is still on your desk- and has found a way to multiple into more work then you could possibly do in 2 weeks- ouch.
Oh well.
We have some photos if you are interested. Not many. We were too busy playing and eating and drinking. I do have some great crochet projects to show you, whenever I can get my head above water. Wish me luck- and more soon.


Kellycat said...

Hey you had a good time while it lasted right? :) Keep smiling till the next vacation thats all. I hope that your hubby & puppy are doing ok.

Megan said...

Aww, what happened to your man??

Pam said...

Dang, hope things get better.

Robyn said...

Thanks everyone!!

Nothing too bad for the hub and baby. Just normal life stuff, but it certainly woke us up from the dreamy vacation we were having. Oh well. Back at it.

Thanks for all your good wishes! They are making me smile!