I'll Play

The Crafty Cat nominated me for a Rockin Girl Blogger award. The deal is to then go nominate 5 other blogs that you love. Well, I can play, this game; especially since she was SO nice to say that I inspire her- how cool is that? I have tons of blogs I love, the hard part was to pick just 5.

The one that makes me laugh the hardest: Juliloquy
Ok, so she's my sister-in-law. But honestly, i adore her blog. I crack up at her talking about her and my nephew. My sister and I joke that we want to grow up to be just as good writers as Julie.

The one that inspires me: Posie Gets Cozy
Her photos alone make me want to go get a nicer camera.

The nicest yarn store owner I have met: Hip Cat Hooks
Sheryl is a huge fan of crochet and has a fabulous store, Yarntopia. Quite my dream job to design patterns and sell yarn everyday.

The designer that inspires me the most: Glampyre
Ok, so Stefanie is SUPER talented. We all know that. But she's also really nice, and she does designing part-time like me. It really was talking with her that convinced me that I could really write a book and work full-time.

The crochet blog I adore: Nexblog
Amie has the best crocheted clothes. I love looking at whats she's working on.

Well that's 5. I have a ton more that I like reading everyday. I'm way to embarrassed to say actually how many I have on google reader. But I was fun to pick out my favs of today.


Kellycat said...

Congratulations! I know there are sooooo many great ones out there. You do inspire me to get working. Thank you so much!

SAM said...

Wow! Imagine my surprise to see my blog on your list! You are so sweet and I am the one to feel honored to have gotten to meet you as your designs amaze me and you are such a doll. We'll have a crochet revolution reunion at TNNA!

Amie said...

Oh, yer so kind! But you know I adore your work and love seeing what you're up to. ;-)

juliloquy said...

Awww, I'm blushing. Thanks for the shout-out. We were so sad to miss you at the beach. Next year?