New Crochet Today

After the great weekend in Columbus, I come home to my very own copy of the new July/ Aug issue of Crochet Today!

In it was some fantastic patterns, I really liked Cecily's ripple wrap and Joyce's Motif top. Oh, and Mary Lynn's Dress. You will just have to go check it out.

To my surprise I found some patterns I gave them a while ago. Which was pretty darn neat.

First up is the 6 month old: Crossover Top

If you can remember back to Jan, here is what I blogged about : January Sneek Peak.
It has a knitted ribbing in the picture, but the pattern has the option for a crocheted ribbing- which will be just as fabulous. I noticed that they had to conserve on space, b/c whew doggy I can go on and on. And some sizes where condensed. But not to worry, this top is super easy to master after you get the stitch pattern. Need a larger size like a 46" or 50" bust? Add one stitch repeat to the largest size at the bottom and follow the pattern up the rest of the way. Then space the pieces half your bust distance apart - make it 23" to 25" - before adding the ribbing. Want larger arms? (I do sometimes) Add multiples of 4 rows to the middle (aka the shoulder area) of the arm section. Want and in between size like 34" bust or 42" bust? Follow the size for the 30" or 38" bust for ea panel. At the bottom ribbing, pin your pieces so that the bottom edge measures 17" or 21" (instead of the 15 or 19 that the pattern shows). You will end up with a slightly deeper V- but it will be still just as cute. Don't forget to check back at the website, word on the street is that they will be posting a much larger stitch diagram of the panels. Awesome, right?

Second up at 12 months old: Ring Coasters

Can't remember that far back (me neither)- here's the post: May 2006
They are really quick and make great gifts. Best yet, you can get really fun with them:
Change up the colors: like try on: Chocolate, light pink, and Fuchsia.
Or go mod: randomly mix the little and big rings for a contemporary look.
Ok, I'm going to go back to the mag. They got a lot of good stuff in there!


Deneen said...

I saw those on the site today and knew they were yours! (They don't list the designers on the site!)

Robyn said...

Thanks, Deneen! That's funny.

julia said...

Thanks for the cute idea, I made myself a coaster last night.

julia said...

just to add the link: www.myblog.de/juju

Trifarina said...

I got the magazine recently and love the coasters! I'm trying to think of some recycled item to use for the base rings.