Ok who can find me a space time continum?

The pattern I am working on is somehow sucking up all my time this week. Doesn't it know its the last pattern I planned on having finished this month? Is it trying to work against me? Does it really want me to go off schedule?

That's a disaster in my tiny engineer brain. "Must stay on task, can't deviate".

Actually, its worse. I'm completely blocked. Must have pulled a brain muscle writing all those patterns this month, b/c I literally can't figure this baby out. I tried the getting some fresh air by taking Faye for a STROLL. (you can't use the word, W A L K, in my house. If you do, you have to pay the consequences of dealing with the little monster.) I did all the laundry twice. I cleaned the kitchen. I watered the plants. Still nothing. Stupid brain. Decided to give it up and go to bed last night around 12, while turning off the computer and turning off the lights. My brain turned on. AHHH. So I jotted down a few ideas, and prayed that I would remember what the heck I was thinking on Sunday.

Why Sunday? B/c tomorrow I'm off to TNNA in Columbus. YAY! Get to play with yarn, and talk and catch up with other designers, and I'm even taking a class. So excited. Hopefully some time off from writing will recharge the brain and get me back in action. Only 4 patterns to write in June, and 3 projects to crochet, "can stay on task, can stay on task..". June will be "easier", but so much more fun too. Every weekend we have something fun. Can't wait till it gets kicked off tomorrow!

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