National Revise Your Work Schedule Month

Did you know that May is "National Revise Your Work Schedule Month"?

Its also "Better Sleep Month". Which really really does not go with "revise my work schedule". I certainly wish it did, but May is our big push month. This month the goal is to write 6 patterns, and finish at least 2 samples. So I have to put the blinders on, and just write, write, write, crochet, crochet, crochet all month. The other goals this month are to help the hubbie finish his thesis and graduate and to help Faye stop being stressed by going on a walk every day (evidently she is stressed out b/c we don't sleep much around here, and so she isn't sleeping enough and getting sick, poor baby). So there is lots to do. Got to go, go, go. Good thing June is "Fun event every weekend" month.


SAM said...

Thanks for making me feel better. I was just pouting about what I am balancing - Yarntopia and trying to design and write patterns. I am now looking at my goals with a fresh eye. Thanks! BTW - the mass market crochet sweaters are great but I am right there with you on the true cost of these garments.

Robyn said...

No problem! I have a hard time keeping my head screwed on some days. I can't imagine running a store too. Here's to both of us juggling it all!