Crochet likes Baseball

Crochet likes Baseball
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I love baseball. I can't tell you any players name, nor do I have any idea how my teams are doing in their seasons. But I love it. I love going and watching the game, watching the fans, eating hot dogs, the whole thing. This weekend was going to be my last big push weekend on the book; before I slow down in June. But I couldn't say no to seats like these at the Reds. (5 rows back from third base) So instead of writing, I did a bit of crocheting. Nothing sweeter then a glass of beer, some baseball fans, and a bit of crochet. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend too!

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Anonymous said...

it makes me so happy to see i'm not the only one who loves to crochet at the ball park! except on dollar beer night. because then it just gets crazy.