Taking a que from the Harlot

Taking a que from the Yarn Harlot, I went on a hunt today.

A hunt for WIPs. I looked in the yarn room, under the bed, in the closets, in the cars, and behind the couch. What I found was a large number of sadly unfinished projects. Some were gifts for family members that are now too old for the baby jumper or moved to warm weather climates and don't need scarves. Some are weeks old, some are years old. Some I like, most I really think are super ugly.

What I wasn't expecting was the shear number of crochet bags I own. Its a little sad. Want to see them all? Here's the set.

By my count, I have 16 WIP. And if I'm really really honest with myself. I am only ever going to touch 7 of these ever again. Plus, that doesn't include any of the projects for the book.

I think we should start a swap. A swap of unwanted WIPs. Because having all these laying around just makes me sad. I think if someone out there wants to pick them up and actually finish it. Then they should have them. Don't you agree?

So, have you counted your WIP lately?

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Anonymous said...

okay, so i don't know if it's because we have the same name, or if it's just a kismet thing, but i'll totally adopt all your WIP's that you don't want to finish!

i figure, i can finish them up rather than them sitting around not getting done, and then i can donate them to charity!

in fact, if you want to spread the word to anyone else who may have WIP's they no longer want but can't bear to frog, i'll take theirs too!

if you're interested, shoot me an e-mail!