Mark's Masterpeice

Mark's Masterpiece
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You know you and your partner are in sync when he creates a building typology just for you. His brilliant work is all on creating a space that instead of a tiny computer screen, your whole room/house is the computer. And when you travel, you take your little usb key, and upload it. So that your hotel room becomes your office during the day so you can have a sit down meeting with your clients, home at night to be able to have dinner with the loved ones, and still be able to walk outside and be anywhere in the world enjoying the best part of travel- the exploring; without missing everything else too much. Its like actually living in your blog/ flickr account/ etc.

Not that I am going to say he totally created this for me. But rather us. We love travelling, but we hate being apart. So this building type will help us, be together and still be able to work and travel. Ok, so maybe I am getting a little corny that he developed his whole thesis on our love. But too bad, that's what I'm sticking to.

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