Spring has come, and I am ready!

katie bolero front
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With our trip back home yesterday, we got the great surprise that Spring has come to Cincinnati. All the grass is green, that truly vibrant green. The trees are starting to blossom, so there is wisps of pink and white everywhere. And the birds are chirping. Man, spring is great. You totally forget all the sounds and smells. Plus, now Faye can resume her spot on the front porch; guarding the neighborhood from little dogs, bikes, and strollers. (She really likes things that move, especially if they talk to her.)

The trip away didn't give me a whole lot of time to crochet, but I did manage to finish what I am calling "Katie Bolero 1.0". Its so exciting that now its the perfect weather to wear it. (Today is going to be 80 and sunny, I can hardly believe it since it was rainy and 40 3 days ago in PA). It only used 4 balls of Elann.com's Esprit (you have to check out the huge range of colors they have). It is super stretchy and fits me like a glove (which will be perfect in the bridesmaid's dress). I really love the joining and how decorative the corners turned out. I was too excited to block it, which I totally should do; but I have to pry it off first. The buttons are vintage, and were a gift from my sister. She found them at Primrose Design.

The other great thing about spring is feeling rejuvenated! I got a couple of great opportunities come my way while on vacation, which was quite the breathe of fresh air. If all goes well, you will be hearing some more good crochet by faye news very soon. Hope you are enjoying Spring wherever you are.


Lauren said...

I love this bolero - and I am not typically a short sleeved sweater kind of person. Can't wait to see where the pattern ends up, cause this is one that I would love to make for me.

Courtney said...

The buttons look great! I'm glad you got to use them on something so pretty....


Lisa said...

I definately want to know when/where this pattern is available - this is beautiful!

Andrea said...

AAAH this is SO cute. I really really want to make it! Please let us know when you decide to publish it, or if you're willing to sell it. Beautiful work.