Not Normal

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I've decided that I am just not normal.

Yesterday, I stayed home from work because I was super sick. Now, I think normal people would spend the day in bed or on the couch resting up. Maybe reading a book, watching old movies, drinking tea, eating crackers? Not me, when I get sick I revert to a stubborn kid, that just doesn't want to sit down. Literally, I throw hissy fits if you make me rest, that's not normal.(Especially when it looks like this outside)

In my delirium, I decided to work on the bathroom. Thankfully, I was smart enough not to attempt any painting, but I did tackle the ugly window. I am happy to report, that I think it turned out pretty well; esp since I was super out of it yesterday. Man it was easy. All I did was scrape off all the old paint, tape up the window, spray frosting, then stick on fake lead, and paint it with window paints. Couldn't be easier. Since I was pretty proud of myself, I moved on to the artwork in the room. I cut out random shapes, ironed them on to the fabric I bought, and now I am embroidering them together.

I am still a bit off today, I probably should have glued my tush to the couch. Oh well, I can't change me now, I'm just not normal. I'm craft obsessed no matter how I am feeling.

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