How I, again, avoided doing my taxes this weekend

I am not opposed to taxes. I am just highly unwilling/ super lazy; in preparing them. All the mumbo gumbo language makes my engineer's head hurt. Even with turbo tax (which is wonderful, really), I still really loathe doing them. (And sure I guess I could hire someone to do them, but that's like hiring someone to paint my house. Its not going to happen until I am physically incapable of doing it, its just not in my DIY code.)

With a free weekend ahead of me, I knew I had to start. So I got really comfy, brought in some coffee, my current cardi, and opened Turbo Tax. I got partway through the startup when I needed a second cup of coffee; and I thought, while opening the silverware drawer, we really could use some jewelry in here. "I think Anthropologie was having a sale." And out the door I went. Came back with a mixture of knobs, and started to put them on. Realized quick that I needed a different drill bit. So oops, guess I'll have to run to Lowes. While there thought, "I think the motifs need some makeup too". So I bought some paint. Came home and happily wasted the day pretty-ing up the joint (and totally forgetting about the taxes!).

That night while looking through the mail, I saw a had a package. It was the yarn I bought for my bolero for KT's wedding. What luck? Well, I had to get started right? I couldn't go back to taxes now. There was Sunday, right? Naturally, I dived right in. The yarn, Elann.com's Esprit, is fun. Its super elastic. And will be very curve hugging for me- I like it. And I love how the motifs are creating another motif when they are joined. I bought gray not knowing if I would like the yarn, and I figured I can wear gray with anything. Now that I'm started, boy I wish I chose a kelly green or bright yellow. Something for spring, you know? Oh well. I'll just have to make another.

Sunday morning I awoke bright and fresh, even with the time change. Ready to conquer the taxes. But first I'll take a run with Faye. She'll like that, its almost cruel not to take her when its so nice out. Back at home in the shower, my mind wandered a bit thinking, Man, I hate this bathroom. The wall paper, the chair rail, everything. Its coming down, today! Now we had had the bathroom on the house task list for a very very long time. But as much as I hated the bathroom, I hate removing wallpaper more. (But not as much as taxes..) After a long annoying day of removing the paper, and all the rest of the ugly bits (we had so much ugly in here, we are going to have to remove it in shifts for our budget). I have ensured myself with another project that will at least take the rest of the week, and no time for taxes. Yeah!
Hope you all had a productive weekend!
*Update for the relatives* We finished the taxes last night. No more worrying needed! Now just give us another week before you come see the bathroom.

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Natalie said...

Omg you remind me of myself. I loooved this post Robyn. Just hilarious. This is why I have to have an accountant. I am not good with numbers and can't deal. It's ok -gives you more time to DIY other things. I spent Sunday trying to crochet grannies for kim's granny along. ;)