Crystal Lace Help by Pictures

I have been getting some questions on the Crystal Lace pattern, and I thought that some pictures may help clear up the common problems everyone has. I crocheted the samples below in the small size, b/c that is what I get the most questions on. (Click on any picture to make it bigger)

1. "I joined all the granny squares to the layouts, how do I get this into a bolero?"

You fold the piece in half.

Here is the layouts together:

Here they are folded in half:

2. "How do I do the side and sleeve seam?"

You can see the joining highlighted in the yellow yarn for contrast:
3. "How do I do the front edging for the small and large size, my layout looks different then the stitch diagram."

The edging is to create a smoother front line, so you basically join the granny squares at the front with 3 chain stitches to get that smoother look.

4. "My neck seems wide, how do I change that?"
You can join the neck together the same way you joined the grannies.

Here I joined them 1/2 the width of one granny square:

5. "How many rows of single crochet do I do per granny square?"
This is a bit hard to answer. I say to evenly crochet the rows around the sleeve and body opening, b/c all of our row heights will vary. I my bolero shown is about 4 rows for every ch-5 space and one row in the single crochet. The swatch I did below is 4 rows per ch-5 sp and none in the single crochet. You may be more and you may be less. It is up to you. My suggestion is to try 4 rows per ch-5 sp, lay it down on a table. Do you need more to fill out the space? If so crochet another row. Are 4 rows too big for the space? Crochet a row less. Do you want a gather? Crochet less rows. Want a flare? Crochet more rows.

I'm super excited that you all have been asking questions. B/c it means that you liked the piece enough to try it, which is very cool to me! Want to see another version? Go look at Ginny's at Yarning with a hook. Got another version, send me a link and I'll add it here.
Good luck everyone!


Ginny said...

Thanks for the link to my version of your bolero! I can't wait for warmer weather to wear it again! Great pattern Robyn!

Connie said...

I would just like to make sure of the yarn you used in the last photo that is lavender, it looks to have a bit of sparkle.

Did you use the Berroco Soft Twist?

connie at knitknotpurlcurl dot com

Robyn said...

Hi Connie,

The yarn in the photos is actually Coats and Clark Lustersheen in lilac. I used Berroco Soft Twist in the model.

All the best

Anonymous said...

Super easy!! I thought it would be hard but i just did what you said and it worked!! so much fun always changing -first squares then assembly then weaving in ends then border. I changed mine a bit and its great. youre very clever. thanks for the free patterns! Jill

Carol Yeater said...

I'm left handed and I am haveing problems connecting the granny squares for the balaro, can someone tell me how to do this left handed?

~marg~ said...

I am trying to make this. I'm a beginner. :o[ So far so good, though. However, I can't seem to access the "layout" pages or the "legend" page from the site I am using. (http://crochetme.com/media/p/89020.aspx) I am making the large version. Is there any way I can get a copy of the layout and legend for this?

Anonymous said...

I love this design, but I'm having issues making it. I've got all the squares done, but I can't seem to work out how to stitch them all together with the netting and the little motifs in the middle. I've got as far as connecting four squares with netting between two of them and the flower attached to all four, but I can't work out how to get any further than that. Are there step-by-step instructions that will take me through the entire thing anywhere?

Brent Timmons said...

Robyn - I don't seem to be able to link to any layout pattern labled by size. I have all the squares ready for a small size. Tried following the directions for connecting, but really need the layout.