Tips on a Mini Rugged Vest

Ok, I'll admit it. I don't like step-outs that are so close to being finished just laying around my house. I had to finish at least one this past weekend, before a tick set in on my crochet-obsessed brain. And now I feel much better.

You'll notice on Knit and Crochet Today, whenever it airs (still no specific word). That I did not do full-size stepouts of the Rugged Men's Vest. It would have just been too much to lug around on camera. Instead I made a mini-version of the big guy, and I think (or at least I hope) that everything looks good on TV that way.

Also, I wanted to do a mini version, so that my little nephew would have an Aunt Robyn Original. And since my sister won't stop the kids from growing so I can take my time finishing projects for them; I knew I had to get this little vest done and out the door before he gets too big.

While I was finishing, I thought that maybe you all would like some tips on how to convert the big guy into my little guy. The most obvious is the size, right? But baby sizing has different proportions then the manly proportions. But not to worry, I think I got most of the details somewhat sorted: (please note, you have to have the actual pattern to understand my gibberish below)

Man's Size to 1year old
Grab two skeins of the main color, and 1/2 a skein for the other two colors, plus all the notions and hooks the pattern calls for.

1. Chain on enough of the main color for 24".
2. Continue in the main stitch pattern until the piece measures 7" tall.
3. Now I break the body in to 3 pieces, 4" for the right front panel, 8" for the back, and 4" for the left front panel. But you'll notice in the pattern that the arm openings are not a box, but slope up. So join your first stripe color and crochet for 4" + 4 more stitches.
4. Follow the decreasing for the arm opening as in the pattern, except only decrease for 4 rows.
5. Since you don't need a stripe as tall as the men's, I only repeated the crunch pattern for a total of 2 (instead of 4 in the pattern).
6. Join the last color, crochet in the main stitch pattern for about an inch.
7. Skip 4 stitches for the neck opening, continue in main stitch pattern.
8. Decrease once on next row, and continue in stitch pattern until the front panel measures 12" from the bottom.
9. Count your remaining stitches and divide by 3. Slip stitch or leave that calculated number unworked on the last 3 rows (see the pattern for how its done- trust me it will make more sense once you read that), so you have an even shoulder seam. Fasten Off
10. Skip 3/4" (I skipped 4 stitches) from front panel and join yarn, crochet 8" +8 stitches. Continue back as front in decreasing for only the next 4 rows. Continue back with stripe and such, until piece measures 12" from bottom.
11. The back neck opening is going to be 4" total. So measure 2" of your piece and count the stitches, divide by 3. Slip stitch or leave the number you just calculated unworked on the last 3 rows, on each side of the neck opening. Fasten off
12. Repeat everything above for the left front panel.
13. Lay piece down, and STEAM it. Then Steam it again.
14. Seam shoulders as called out in the pattern.
15. Neck ribbing, Ch enough for a 2" ribbing, follow pattern the rest of the way.
16. Arm and body ribbing, ch enough for a 3/4" ribbing (I did 4 ch), continue as pattern calls out.
17. Now this is the most important step, before adding the zipper and calling it done:
STEAM the entire vest at least 2 more times. The reason for so much steaming is that the yarn called out in the pattern (Red Heart Sportweight) can be a bit scratchy for babies. But once its steamed, it becomes soft and much nicer. So before torturing your baby, please STEAM it!

Ok, you all confused? Sorry about that. Good luck. Let us know if you have questions, and PLEASE send a picture of either vest if you give it a go.


Courtney said...

It is so cute!!! If you can think of a magic way for them to stop growing let me know. Belle just outgrew the poncho you made for her and I almost cried.

Robyn said...

It's in the mail as of yesterday. Hopefully, it will still fit him. Good thing she has that cardi I made, huh? She can use the poncho for one of her dolls now.