Pants Suit

My brother and sister-in-law are having a little contest on the "best" women's pants suit from the 70s. You can check it all out here. But at least go check out the memo from a Minneapolis publishing house in the 70s allowing pants suits for women. It so funny (well not really ha ha funny, but sad really) to think of what career minded (but yet still fashion conscience) women had to go thru not to wear skirts. You know it had to be painful.
Of course the only thing I can think of it the crocheted pants suits that were everywhere. Like this one.


juliloquy said...

Wow, this is a fantastic contender! Thanks for jumping onboard. Peace out.

Robyn said...

That's what little sisters are for!

Pam said...

I made a pair like this for PJs, for just around the house, but man... my husband wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole, so I frogged them.