Did I dream this?

Imagine the scene if you will....

4 knitters/crocheters sitting around a lovely sitting room in front of a warm fire*. Sipping white wine and enjoying the homeyness of the high style Arts and Crafts architecture. Chatting about their favorite stitch, hook, and fiber.

One is the editor of the unbelievably cool, VK. Who can whip up a project by just shaking her hands. One is the editor of the fabulous, CT. Who can slip between knitting and crocheting like they are just one big language. One is your crochet hero, with hundreds of baby books that you adore. Who makes you feel welcome and so special. And the last is you.

Must have just been a dream right? This can't be my life.

*If you are ever in Detroit, I totally recommend you stay at the Inn at Ferry Street. Its the most adorable bed and breakfast/ hotel I have been in.*


Courtney said...

Sounds like an awesome experience! I can't wait for all the details. Call ME!!!!!

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Sound wonderful! I can't wait to hear more in San Diego!!