A Crocheter's Cables

Here's the pic of my cables from Melissa Leapman's class. You all can now feel better about your knitting.
I didn't get super far b/c I'm a slow knitter. Watching me knit these is quite funny. Besides that I'm definitely a crocheter when I knit (aka I pick my stitches and not throw- kinda continental style, but I hold my working yarn exactly the way I hold my crochet-- close to the stitch- so my knitting is a bit comical (for knitters)); I get really serious. No talking, no laughing, all concentration. I was so stressed after knitting these I had to go eat lunch and do finger yoga to unwind the cramps in my hands. Needless to say, I'll need lots of practice before I can knit cables without breaking a sweat.

I forgot to show you yesterday the best swag I picked up from the show. It was at Stefanie's booth. These adorable stitch markers! Stefanie's mom made them all. They must have had hundreds of them. You can really see where she gets all her talent from! I love them so much, I think I am going to turn them into earrings.

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Stefanie said...

ok, I'm going to comment on every entry back into time now...

I have to show my mom this post...she'll be so happy that you like the markers!!