Book Progress - Swatching

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love swatching. I love playing with new yarn (well, new to me). And I love testing out new stitches. Here's a couple from the book swatching progress:

Merlin from Louet

Wool/ Linen Blend that's Machine Washable and Dryable!

I totally dig this yarn. The swatch was fine after I crocheted it, but then I tossed it in the laundry. And after a spin in the dryer, it was a whole new swatch. Its drapey and light. Its going to be perfect for a dress I have in mind.

Pure Silk from Debbie Bliss

A DK weight of wonderful silk.

I have been petting this hank of yarn for a while. I knew it would have beautiful stitch definition, so I have been looking for a really special pattern for it. I think I found it. I love the corners of the granny square.

Love from Vickie Howell's SWTC yarn line

Bamboo/ silk blend in vibrant colors.

I knew bamboo has amazing drape and I loved how soft the yarn felt. What i was looking for was a blend of punk rocker project with classic stitches. This granny is my take. Sure its a simple granny, but just wait to see how I combine it in a cropped wrap top!


Annette said...

Great swatches!

I'm working in DB Pure Silk right now, and you're right, it's lovely. It *has* great stitch definition - if you have a smooth skein (colour?).
I'm working it in grey and (almond) green. The grey is smooth and "consistent" in thickness, but with the green 2 skeins of 3 are definitely "thick and thin". Which quite changes the look of the piece, actually.

Swatches here:
(both with smooth skeins!)

Robyn said...

Thanks for the tip Annette. I had no idea that the skein may be thick and thin. Thanks for the heads up!