Gift Ideas

Primrose Design just posted a great idea for the crafter on your gift list.

Why not buy them some vintage buttons.

There must be 100 uses for buttons- so any crafter, from crocheter to quilter, could use a stock of cool ones. And come on, who wouldn't love them. They are unique, and a normal crafter probably wouldn't buy them for themselves without a project in mind. So what a fun surprise. They could design an entire project from them.

Anyone want to get these for me? I'm a crafter on at least one of my reader's list. (hint hint)


janet said...

Well, I just sold them so perhaps someone has bought them for you. If they bought them for themselves then I'm sorry :)

Thanks for the mention! And for anyone else reading this I have lots of buttons and it's worth checking back periodically because I add more all the time.

Robyn said...

I love your buttons and items in your store. SO (hint,hint family) I would love anything from you for the holiday!

And you are super welcome on the mention. I love your blog too.