Friday's Here and the Mind Wanders

While I'm downtown today visiting one of my construction sites, my mind started to wander a bit. I was peering up at a tower crane (don't worry I wasn't there to inspect anything, I was just visiting), I noticed the big puffy clouds rolling on by. And I thought, Hmm, I bet I can make a top like that. This is what I sketched on site.

I've said I'm inspired by all sorts of things...

I see a lightweight top half with a long ribbed corset. Longer short sleeves that mimic the corset. A deep v-neck line that curls up around the neck and lays on top of itself. (Mainly so you could pin it closed for say work and leave it open for a night out.) Then a tie waist belt for fun.

No idea on the stitches or yarn. But pretty happy with the idea.

I'm sure I'll tweak it a thousand times from now. Just wanted to show you all a bit into how my mind works. A little scary I know.


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Great sketch!

Sheila said...

Totally liking the look of the sketch.