The vest and the boy are united. And watch them go....

No more sad little vest sitting on my desk with no one to wear it out.

No more worries that it may or may not fit and if it would pass the boy wear-ability test.

Only oops.... "only".... The sweetie reminded Aunt Robyn that he is allergic to wool. AAGHH! Being the "sweet" and "loving" crocheter I am, I say nicely, "Well feel this, doesn't it feel soft?" Cute little face peers up and gently says, "No". Thank goodness his mother is a quilter and can line that stinking woolly wool vest with fleece or flannel. And thank goodness that little boy loves me so much, he is wearing it even though its turning all his exposed skin pink.

Going to time-out now. Bad Aunt Robyn.


Courtney said...

Just wanted Aunt Robyn to know that he wore the vest to school today. Proudly telling everyone who asked him if someone knit it for him that his Aunt made it and ... "it's crochet". Allergies or not.... he's a happy man!!

Robyn said...

Woohoo. Educating one child at a time!