I'm Bi-Textural

So recently, the hub asked sweetly if I would make him a hat like all his friends have. Well, I couldn't refuse an open request for crochet, so this is where this hat was born.

The body is crocheted in HDC, alternating the rows being stitched in the back ridge of the stitch and in the top. It gives a great texture and pretty chain like stitch rows, which is a bit hard to see on this photo, I realize. The ribbing was knit, I know- I actually knit too, in a simple K3, P2, sequence.

I'm pretty darn happy with the outcome. And the hub is wearing it today, so I must have done something right.


Courtney said...

Shouldn't the hub be shown with the hat on as a model??? Why so shy???

Sheila said...

Great job on the hat... must add to my to do list.

Robyn said...

Oh Courty! You know the answer to that!