Have you met Moo?

No really

Have you met Moo?

You don't know what moo is? (Besides the sound cows make, that is)

Well, they are these awesome little printed cards that you can make from your flickr photos. (Assuming you already know how fun flickr is, and how easy it is to share and post photos.)

They are about the size of half of a business card. And their color and resolution are fabulous.

Plus I think they are super handy for fiber designers like us. I keep imagining more and more that I can do with these little babies.

-Make a mini portfolio: Glue them to the back of my business cards, to give a client a hint at what I can do.

-Use them as swatch tags: Snap a hole in the corner, string them to the swatch; and an editor has this little bit of you every time they look at your swatch.

-Pin them up on your swatch board: I have tons of swatches up, but no pics of my finished work. This way I can have these little bits of memory pinned up to my inspiration.

-Bookmarks: I constantly loose where I marked neat stitches in my books.

-Options in portfolios: Pin moo's to the sketch or swatch before you snap that photo. This way publishers can see your other ideas all together in one photo.

-Trading cards- Brainstorm ideas with other designers by swapping cards instead of swatches over lunch.

And I can go on and on and on and on.

Can you tell I just love these little babies?

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Amie said...

THAT....just gave me a great idea for Christmas cards. You see, I make my own cards. Yes, I chose to lock myself in my house on several nights/weekends slaving away on handmade, finely detailed cards made from an assortment of materials. I think this year I'll not shoot myself in the foot and make a card I can re-print like these MOOOO cards. Thanks for sparking the idea! (I need this year off).