Seattle Dreaming

pikes place
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We are back from our little excursion to Seattle.

It was a fantastic weekend of spoiling ourselves. Too much sushi, coffee, beer and fun. It was fabulous.

We checked out all the neighborhoods (like Belltown, Queen Anne, Fremont, Ballard) and all the sites (Pike's Place Market, the Spaceneedle, Elliot Bay Bookstore, the Library); and the city quickly became one of our favorites in the States.

See that little bracelet I'm wearing? Its not just a warm woolly bracelet. Its a coffee cozy. Yes, this little nerdy crocheter came prepared for the gallons of coffee she would drink and made a handy Rock'em Sock'em Seattle Coffee Bracelet.

Keeps your wrist and coffee nice and toasty, in the wonderfully chilly weather!

Plus it makes a easy way to take pictures, and say, yes mom, I am in that pic. See my wrist?


Pam said...

Yours looks so much better than mine! Fashionable AND serves a purpose!!!!

Vashti Braha said...

Hi Robyn,
I have your blog in my Google Reader now!
You made me homesick for Seattle. I have started a blog (still experimenting with it) and you might like a Pike Market-related entry:
("Chunky Lace" entry)

lulubird6 said...

Ohh, that's so cute! May I ask where you got the pattern from?

Robyn said...

Thanks on the coffee cozy. Yes, it is my pattern, and no, I haven't written it down yet. As soon as I do. I will let you know. Thanks!