More Swatches

Doily Swatch
Originally uploaded by rchach.
Since I am literally being overrun by dogs, I have put all crochet projects on hold until the crew departs. No need for tons of hair and gallons of nose goobers in my projects, no thanks! No worries though, I have been keeping these hands busy by crocheting swatches.

How many? About 40 or so. I'm a mad swatcher. Its just so much fun to play with new yarn and new stitches. I can't help myself! And holy moly, I now have a ton of proposals all ready to go. YEAH!

If you are interest, I posted a bunch in my flickr set: "I love swatches".


Pam said...

Love that swatch, the color is vibrant and the design is so ornate.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

It is proposal time, isn't it... I love all your swatches!