One year Ago Today...

Do you know what you were doing, One Year Ago Today?

I do, My sweetie and I were closing on our house in Cincinnati. I remember thinking, Holy Cow, Here we go... A new chapter.

And what a chapter!

It was only slightly more then a year ago that I started designing too. Funny how things can really move in a year.

It was in the June/ July Issue of CrochetMe, I got my start. All from a pic of me and Faye, that won over Kim. No one can resist Faye, she's just so darn cute! And from that simple leash, I gained the confidence to get moving.

Its neat to think about how far I have gone. Contributed to 2 books, 2 yarn companies, 2 magazines, and niceknits.

I mean, what an amazing chapter. Crocheting is going so nicely and we love our new city and home.

So how about you? What were you doing a year ago?

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Amanda said...

I posted my own One Year Ago Today... on my blog. Go check it out!