So if you are an avid Instyle Reader like me, you already have see the article in the September Issue about the "latest" trend in bags.

Mixing Cabled Knit/Crochet with modern shapes and leather.

I got a little chuckle out of it, because... well, duh.

But then I looked at the prices they go for, and I nearly fell off my seat.
Check it:

Valentino: Jeweled Crocheted Hobo $2350

Valentino: Knit Hobo $1950

Bally: Wool Studded Bag $795

Margaret Nicole: Large Wool Tote $265

Man, its just funny. We crafters are so cool and ahead of these trends, and best yet, we know how to make it for nothing!

Looking for some great cabled crochet bag patterns? Go check out Drew, yes the crochet dude. His Julia purse is gorgeous.

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