Crochet Today

Crochet Today Premiere Issue is on the street!
(and I'm in it! Hee Hee)

Here's My Juggling Balls

I am VERY happy with the photography.

I think they look great. Here you can compare by "lovely" version.

I think the Mag came out great. I really like that it uses yarn that everyone can purchase and afford. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE expensive yarn, but not all of us can make a sweater for 200$. And, I love spreading crochet to the hands of as many crafters as possible.
Still, Don't believe me?

Here are some other projects. You decide.

Too Cute Dolls by Kim Werker
Made with Super Saver by Red Heart

Ruffled Jacket By Candi Jensen
Made with Soft Yarn by Red Heart
(Side note- I really like the style of this cardigan. The ruffled ribbon edge is such a great idea! But come on, Candi always has fantastic ideas.)

Mod Chevron Pillow By Marianne Forrestal
Made with Soft Yarn by Red Heart

And that's just a few. There's 25 projects in all, with tons of side ideas to branch out your projects. Plus, its cheap. Its 5$, so that's 20cents per project. Oh yeah, and if you look inside they have a postcard for a subscription for half price. So that's 2.50$ an issue, that's so cheap, it just crazy not to sign up.

So go check it out. And let us know what you think!


Vera said...

Great! I plan to see if my local bookstores have it.

Elisa said...

I found the mag at my local Barnes & Noble today. It came home with me - great patterns, photos, and articles. Congrats on having items in there. I plan to make the juggling balls for my soon-to-be-here grand daughter.

Amanda said...

I hope I can find the mag at Wal-Mart next to the Red Heart yarn! It's hard for me to get to a good bookstore.

mk said...

congratulations!! it looks great, and I can't wait to pick up a copy.

also: I LOVE pimp that snack! it's hilarious, kinda gross and yummy at the same time...mk