"Office" View

"Office" View
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**WARNING: TO ALL PARENTS, SIBLINGS, AND MY HUBBY, if you don't want to know where I am spending my next 2 weeks, STOP READING NOW**

For those of you who are wondering where Robyn has been; b/c CGOA has been over for 5 days and life should be back to normal. SO... where's all the new crochet stuff?

Well, maybe this will help. THIS view is from my "office".

My "office" is a 30ft swing stage that is hanging off the face of a 20 story building. Did I mention my day job is a structural engineer? Well, that was only half the story. My actual job is renovating and repairing old buildings. So one day I'll be fixing a warehouse to be an office building, the next fixing a garage with huge holes in the floor, and today investigating why 10ft decorations are literally falling off the building. Its interesting. Always challenging. Today no different.

Still don't believe me? Look at this "happy" face. Wouldn't you love to hang off a side of a building with this cheery soul?

actually, that's just before coffee at 8am this morning. I get much nicer after coffee. Really. No really. Ask anyone.

So I think that should be good enough reason for why I'm not blogging.

But don't fear. Crochet travels...

And travels very very well, I might add.

I did have a little chuckle today. My partner at the "office" is quite the hysterical contractor (his nickname is "Spider"). Who didn't even blink an eye when I pulled out my crochet at lunch. All he said was, "I do stain glass". Funny, crafters are everywhere.

Even 250 ft up in the air.

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Sheila said...

Wow... your job sounds adventurous.. and interesting.. and like the fact that when you pull out your crochet art... spider kindly stated his art and didn't get all fussy...hehe