"It's all business" Clutch

"It's all business" Clutch
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This little cutie made its debut at the past Knit and Crochet Show. The former (red and orange) model was gifted to my neice, and I am sad to say, this one will be gifted to my one skein pal. I am happy to give it to her, I did make it for her after all. But I didn't know that, I would fall in love with it too. If you are interested, it will be a free pattern on NiceKnits in a few days.

Speaking of business.

Business is good. Almost so good, that I wish I could do it full-time.

In the recent future, you will be seeing/ or hearing me talk about a bunch of projects. But here's a few that are on my mind right now:
1. A cutie pie vest for little punk boys.
2. A plaid tote for the poshiest of posh crafters.
3. A manly vest for the rugged man I love.
4. A new and improved Spider Shrug (b/c I almost killed the one I have by wearing it so much).
5. And a bunch of sketches, that I think would be great, if I ever had the time to develop them, then create them, and of course market them.

Oh well.

Still, I'm tickled to be busy and happy.

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