Wanted: Kippah Crocheter

I hope everyone had fabulous holidays! I for one, can't wait for sundown to feed my face with pasta!

This holiday was super special for me because I was reconnected with my Bubbie through crochet! See my uncle, who is a Rabbi (not the preaching kind- but the teacher kind), asked me if I could crochet him some baby kippahs. Besides being a teacher, he also performs brises; and he likes to give each of the baby boys a little kippah. I, of course, told him I would love to help out! But then immediately, I asked my mom- ugh, How big is a baby kippah? And she whipped out my little brother's kippah from his bris (see first photo), and we ooh and ahhed thinking of my baby brother 24 years ago. (See at one time he was this unbelievably cute little red headed baby, until he graduated to my obnoxious little brother- but what little brother doesn't turn into that?) Cool thing is that this little kippah was made from my Bubbie. And she is the one who told my uncle that giving the babies a little a gift is a good thing- since he is the one performing such a "fun" rite on them.

I can't tell you how cool moments like these are. My Bubbie past when I was a very little girl, so I really never got to know her very well. But I just love learning about her, and how much we are alike. Got to love family.

So here are some of my kippahs so far. I have the variegated one using Knit Picks Shimmer (doubled) and a F hook. The spike stitch one in Baby Silk by Elann.com and a F hook. I have been loving making them. I have been choosing all the softest yarn I have- so you know its going to put you in a good mood to begin with. Plus with the counting to increase every round, its like extra therapy (like breathing or centering exercises), from my stressful day job.

Anyway, he could use a bunch (guess there's lots of baby boys in Florida). So if any of you out there have some spare thread or light weight yarn and a free hour, I would love the help. Just drop me an email, and I can give you a pattern.

Now back to my matzo and studying...

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