Saturday's Expedition

Best part of Spring? Flea Markets are back!!

Check out my haul from today:
Its old embroidery thread. But its totally crochetable. Just imagine how many kippahs I can make from this! Basket came with the purchase- funny right. Guess how much...

I also got to check out Knit On in Bellevue, KY. For those of you not familiar with Cincy, it is about 10 min from my house, just over the bridge. And oh, was that a bad mistake for my wallet to find! It is this cute yarn shop completely PACKED with great yarn. And I mean GREAT yarn. Check the website. Its boggling. So of course, I am in the middle of 4 projects, and what do I do? Buy more yarn.

Something said- I need this, and it wants to be a summer bolero. It is Cotton Patine in Sea Holly. Oh my. I'm in love. I haven't tried any of Elsebeth Lavold yarn before, but it is really working up to have gorgeous stitch definition.

I love lazy saturday trips!

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