The payoff

Its nice to know that sometimes hard work really pays off. I am constantly amazed when people agree to publish my patterns, and I hope that joy of getting that acceptance letter never dies. Here are some of my sketches for garments I will be making in April and May. Crazy thing is that I even have a few more that I am designing in June and July. CRAZY! For those of you who have been enjoying my patterns- THANK YOU!!

Crochet Me: A cute summery shrug for my best friend in Phoenix. I truly hope that she likes it. Who am I kidding- she's too nice, she'll love it, even if she hates it.

NiceKnits: Did you know Lisa and I are taking NiceKnits on the road? Yup, its true. We'll be at the National Crochet Conference in Valley Forge in July. We are going to have giveaways, free patterns, and patterns like this (the retro looking vest) that will raise money for charities. I will have a few new ones, but Lisa will have a ton. I am so excited to go back to the conference. If you are in the area (which I'm not, but luckily, I got fam nearby), GO visit.

Book Design: And last but definitely not least, this tunic. I am so thrilled to do another book design. Too bad there isn't instant gratification with book designs. I think this book will come out late in 2006.


Lisa said...

I love all of those sketches! Good luck! And of course everyone will love your patterns... especially your friend in Phoenix!! :)

Pam said...

Great designs!