One Skein Secret Exchange

I rarely get involved in exchanges, for no good reason. Its probably from a silly thing stemming from an elementary school pen pal exchange, that my pen pals (I had 4- we had to do them twice in school and I always got 2 because I liked to write back then) never wrote me. I know silly. But when it comes to yarn.... I say what the heck! I am sure any fiber enthusiast who gets me, will me more involved then a 10 yr- old.

This one is being run by Interweave in conjunction with their new book One Skein. The basic concept is that you get a secret pal, send them 2 skeins of yarn (one in june and one in july), they make you something out of them, and send you the finished objects in august. Of course, someone will have you as a secret pal, and send you 2 skeins in june and july, and you will make something and send it to them. You get a bit of info on them, like email and blog address. And with the skeins, you have to say why you like them and such. I don't know, call me crazy; but I think it will be fun. I love surprises. What better then a surprise package of yarn? All the basics of signing up are at the website. I hope some of you fellow hookers will join me!

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Kim Werker said...

I never do these either, but I signed up yesterday. :)