What's Next?

My sister appropriately asked, "Well what's next?" And she's right, here at Crochet by Faye,we are finishing up the construction on the kimono and peacoat. So where are we going?

We are charging ahead with sketches and swatches to be sent out to magazines, designs for CrochetMe summer edition, and more patterns for sale at NiceKnits.

So more interesting is, "What's been inspiring you?"

In a word- LAYERS!! I love the new spring line with the layering of vest on tees over dresses with big belts and cute shoes.
Some of my favorites:

1. Vests

Check out Athropologie:

Big surprise that I love openworked knits, but I really love them paired with cute springy skirts and dresses.

2. Jackets

Check out Ann Taylor:

Who can go wrong with the classic belted raincoat? You look professional and stylish.

3. Belts

Check out Neet Magazine:

Thick, thin, long, short. They are the greatest accessory to show off your personal taste. So why go retail? Check out the amazing indie designers, for your one of a kind look.

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