Morning Craftiness

So any of those who know me, know that I am a complete "joy" to be around in the mornings. This was no exception.

I am sure you have all been here: You are getting ready for work, late as usual. About to take Faye out, when you realize that you have a meeting today. Which (b/c my day job as a structural engineer- I don't normally have to wear nice office clothes) means you have to go back and change, so you run back in, search through your closet for that one last ironed shirt. Yell "oh, crum" (not really- I'm much more nasty in the morning), b/c you realize that your last ironed shirt is the one that needs cuff links. You hate this shirt, b/c you have lost the original cuff links and the spare set already, and why on gods green earth did you buy a shirt that needed cuff links? Option one: heck with the shirt- wear a sweater, even though you are going to probably sweat b/c its going to be 70 today. Option two: Make cuff links.

What did I do? Made my own cuff links in 30 seconds flat! Here they are (sorry about the crummy pic- taken at work before my meeting):

I was quite impressed with myself! I grabbed some glass beads my sister gave me for the holidays and some jewelry wire I have laying around. ( I have numerous half finished craft projects all throughout my house, so this is not weird at all.) Made sure the beads would fit through the buttonholes. Then wired them up in a figure eight pattern, cut off the extra wire. Slipped them in the holes, and off I went.

I was so pleased with myself, that I didn't even need my coffee!

It lends me to believe, that if I can be this crafty when I am cranky and half asleep. What can I do when I am awake?


Courtney said...

I knew you would do something awesome with those beads! You are my hero

Robyn said...

no, no-- thank you! i would have lost it this morning without them!

Lisa said...

too funny! I would definitely not be that creative before coffee!