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You all know how much I get inspired just by playing with swatches. Well, I also love a good yarn review. It saves so much time, when you know a certain yarn will or won't work for your project. For that, I go over to the e-zine: Knitter's Review Go check them out. I find them to be VERY insightful!

On a related note: Yarns I am currently swatching with:

Knit Picks: Ambrosia
Knitter's Review

My all-time favorite yarn. It is so soft, its yummy. The stitch definition is beautiful. I'm a nut about sweaters- and with this yarn, I could never have enough. Its so wonderful, and not itchy, that you can make anything that you would wear against your skin; scarf, hat, gloves, tops...

K1C2: 2nd Time Cotton
Knitter's Review

This yarn just speaks to my eco friendly side. Its recycled cotton from the garment industry. I just think that's so cool! After a night of swatching, its a great yarn for purses and hats. Sweaters not so much, the ribbing gets all stretched out after one wear. But cool tanks, would look awesome, b/c it holds pattern stitches amazingly well.

Noro: Kochoran
Knitter's Review: For another Noro Yarn: Transitions- but mentions Kochoran

This yarn is expensive, I won't lie about that. The amazing colorway it creates is so beautiful, it is almost worth your paycheck. It just slowly melts into another color, and another, and another. It would be great for really warm sweaters that you will only make once, and cherish forever. It is a wool, so if you can't stand itchiness, DON'T buy.

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