Generation T

I am a DIY nut. I will always try to fix or fashion something myself before asking/ hiring a professional.

I think this is why I love this book.

I have this secret (ok, its not that secret) desire to take all of my cute architect's t-shirts and fashion them into something else. He has hundreds, by the way. Many are circa 1985, and not in the cool punk way. I've been toying with quilting them into a blanket, an idea from my sis and cousin, but I stink at (and really don't like) sewing that many pieces together.

So again, I think this is why I really like this book. Her diagrams are really easy to follow (got to love, No Reading Required!), and the patterns are quite simple to create from. Now, most of these fashions, I could never pull off, but my wealth of nieces could! (We have 16 nieces and nephews, and are still counting). So if you have a teenager that wants to throw out all her tees, you might want to have her look at this first. It could be super easy summer clothes!

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