Can you pick out the designer yarn?

Before I get started, I want to make myself clear. I adore all these yarns. They all are incredible, but when they differ so much in cost, it just makes you wonder....

Can you pick out the designer yarn?
Lets start with cost: (all from online sources)
a. $7.85 for 137 yds (5.7 cents per yard)
b. $2.98 for 109 yds (2.7 cents per yard)
c. $6.00 for 185 yds (3.2 cents per yard)
d. $9.95 for 146 yds (6.8 cents per yard)

How about fiber content:
a. 55% Merino Wool, 33% Microfiber, 12% Cashmere
b. 60% Baby Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere
c. 100% Alpaca
d. 50% Superfine Alpaca, 50% Silk

Care: All except "a" are handwash only. "a" can be machine washed.
Gauge: All are about 28 st to 4 in on US 3 needles

The touch test? All are super soft, but IMHO: D, A, B, C (starting with softest)

So what's your guess?

Reason for rambling? Well, when designing and sketching new patterns, sometimes I get a bit upset that the project with be breaking a fellow crocheter's bank. When I know that I couldn't even afford to look at some of these yarns, am I really being a good designer by using them? Or am I being overly sensitive? So my conclusion, is that if you can afford the designer yarn, by all means, please use it. They are really nice. But if you can't, that shouldn't stop you from using something not as soft, but just as pretty, and won't kill the bank. So for now, if I use a designer yarn in one of my patterns, you will be able to check here for the less expensive version. I just feel like that's my duty to you.

Dying for the answers? a. Cashmerino Baby by Debbie Bliss b. Baby Cashmere by Elann.com c. Classic Lite by the Alpaca Co d. Alpaca Silk by Blue Sky Alpaca


Norah said...

It's great you have something suggesting substitutes, because I think some people feel they have to use the yarn specified in the pattern. As long as you're suggesting some substitutes, you're doing all you can.

Please don't feel that you only have to design with inexpensive yarns or acrylics because it's crochet. What we really need in crochet are more sophsicated, beautiful designs like yours in beautiful yarns, just like the knitters have.

On the other hand, I realize you still want to be able to sell patterns, so offering suggestions for alternatives will help.

That said, the Elann yarns, at least those that I've seen, seem to be very good quality for the price, and certainly would be beautiful alternatives to more expensive yarns. I've heard a lot of good about the Knit Picks yarns also.

Robyn said...

Norah- You are absolutely right. I will never substitute a crummy b/c its cheap, but if I can I will use less expensive yet nice quality yarns. Elann and Knit Picks are my favorite. I love alpaca, so I usually start there.

Norah said...

Yes, alpaca is wonderful!