Sad News

Sad news for my family. My husband's grandmother passed this past weekend. It was sudden and painful, but from every hardship we learn something....
1. My family is number one on my list (even though, crochet may be a close second- JK, mom).
2. Everyone deals with pain in different ways. Some are emotional, some try to fill the shoes of the person who passed, some eat, some drink, some bottle everything up.
3. When I hear of someone in pain, I immediately want to crochet for them. I don't bring flowers or make food (like normal people), but I wrap them in fiber. Strange addiction.

For my mother-in-law, I used Aerie by ModeDea and whipped up a scarf in a shell stitch. Now, I never use novelty yarns- but for some reason, I thought she need to have her senses stimulated by that fuzzy yarn. I think it also had to do with grandma. Last time I saw her my sister-in-law made her a Fun Fur scarf in Steelers colors and she just loved it.

How about you? What is your first notion when you hear someone is in pain?


Pam said...

I'm sorry to hear of your family's loss. When I'm in times like this, first I bake, then I make a card, if time permits, (for both men and women) I make a scarf too. I like your comment, "wrap them in fiber." Find peace as your days go on. -Pam

Anonymous said...
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