Opening Ceremonies

Here's my progress after the opening ceremonies last night.

I love watching the opening ceremonies. There's something so neat in seeing how a country wants to show off how proud of their culture they are. So even though, I didn't get the red space skier people, I really enjoyed watching. And to Bob Costas, I liked the Mongolian athletes hats.

As for the sweater, I couldn't be more pleased. As you can see, I am letting my project rest and be blocked for a bit. I know a few crocheters are going to be put off by the blocking required, but too bad for them. The results definitely outweigh the wait for this one. I am so jazzed!

On the progress front, here is a picture of the peacoat. Waist shaping conquered.

Off to write down some of the patterns before they fall out of my head.

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